Indulge Yourself and Your Date with These Luxury Picnic Foods

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Indulge Yourself and Your Date with These Luxury Picnic Foods | London Escorts

It’s so cute when someone makes an effort for you, whether it’s taking you somewhere they know you’ll love, buying you a gift from your childhood, or renting your favourite films for you and buying snacks they know you love then running you a bubble bath before bed. Our favourite cute thing though, is an indoor picnic. We love it when our love surprises us with a blanket on the floor, candles, and an array of yummy luxury foods. It feels so special and it’s a treat which everyone deserves. So, here are our favourite sumptuous foods that we love – of course, we’re telling you this so you can make a note and surprise your loved one too! Hint hint!

Smoked salmon, Cumbrian air dried ham, mushroom pate, really good Stilton (Colston Bassett is gorgeous), Brie, apricot, apple, or peach chutney all go incredibly well with a really good cracker. Oval Albert biscuits in particular are delicious. Glazed and hand finished pork pies, artisan Scotch eggs, cold meats such as salami and pastrami, beautiful crisp grapes, juicy strawberries, fresh breads such as soda bread or brioche, and a sparkling wine all make for a beautifully luxurious picnic spread. It can add up cost wise, but for a special occasion it’s completely justified. Your loved one deserves to be treated like royalty after all, and so do you so splash out and enjoy these incredibly wonderful foods; they are absolutely delicious.

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