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Meals for a Magic Night In

It’s too cold to be eating out every night now. It’s always raining and even when it’s not, it usually has been and there are loads of big puddles everywhere making it impossible to wear cute shoes. Nobody looks sexy with an umbrella either. It’s no bad thing to stay in and cook for a date, especially in winter. You can light some candles and wrap up with cosy blankets and snuggle up. It’s relaxing and saves cash too, because after all Christmas is coming up and nobody wants to be scrimping and saving at Christmas do they?

You can easily whip up a tasty dinner for a date. You don’t have to be a master chef to make a healthy and delicious meal, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. Something simple like lasagne and salad or salmon and potatoes with vegetables is fine, and so easy to put together. Avoid things that contain onion, garlic, strong herbs or spices though; bad breath is such a turn off. You can even eat on the couch curled up together. You don’t have to sit at the dining table, all formal and rigid. It’s better to be relaxed and at ease with each other.

You don’t even have to actually cook a plated meal. You could lay on a picnic on the carpet with a blanket down as a rug, and sit cross legged with cushions for comfort. Things like bread rolls, fruit, cold meats, cheese, dip, crisps, olives and raw crunchy veg are so easy to prepare and taste so nice. Sometimes it’s better to have light snacks rather than a heavy stodgy meal especially at night. It’s nice to talk over food too, much quieter than a restaurant.

Our sexy London Escorts love to talk. But most of all our gorgeous babes love to look stunning for you so that you will remember them and have an amazing time with them. Our London Escort babes are happy to engage with you on any level whether you want a night in to talk over food and candlelight or a night out on the town. These glam London Escorts are the best in the business and you won’t regret anything with them, we can guarantee that. They’re ready for you now, so browse our selection of the finest London Escorts there is and get ready for an incredible night! Your can call us between 10.00am and 24.00pm on the following number.
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