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If you don’t appreciate that the key to being a decent client when booking in with any escort is to see them as a person and not just a doll or a robot and realising they don’t want to finish the appointment feeling used, then using an escort for companionship isn’t for you. Every escort you see will be different. Everyone has their own characters, character personalities and so on. The same applies to escorts. They’re human after all.

Clearly if you’ve just got off a coach to a meeting in another town for work or something you might not feel the freshest, but the escort will have a shower in her home and she won’t think you’re weird if you ask to freshen up first because she will understand you want to be fresh for yourself and for her. She will probably appreciate it too to be honest. There will usually be those one-use toothbrushes and floss too along with other products she will have for you. The escort isn’t accusing you of being unhygienic. She’s just being polite.

Don’t push boundaries with the escort. If she says no, tells you she feels uneasy or she tells you she’s not happy to do something don’t push her to do it. Don’t offer her further cash or gifts to do it either on or off the books. She won’t change her mind and you will have wasted your appointment, you won’t get your money back and you may be barred from the agency. It’s never okay to ask her to do something she’s uncomfortable with, because yet again you’re not treating her as a person with feelings. An escort makes provisions to travel to you or to the apartment she will use for the appointment, she choose what she wears and how she does her makeup, and she decides what times she works. No matter what the boundaries are that the escort you’re going to see works within, you need to respect them and if you can’t, using escorts is not for you.

In addition, a good client pays the right amount of money and in the correct way, i.e not making a big deal of paying her. You both know she needs to be paid so make sure you just do it informally and promptly at the start of the get-together then it’s out the way. Place the money in an envelope and leave where she can see it. If she checks it don’t be upset. She isn’t accusing you of trying to con her, most agencies advise their escorts to count the cash. It’s just courteousness. Don’t ask for a lower price or money off. It’s awkward. The price on the site or the price you were told is the price you pay and by approving the appointment you approved that price. Don’t put the escort in a tough spot.

Next week our blog will continue as always and so tune in to catch up with Part Two of ‘What Makes a Good Client?’ before visiting any Escorts in London, Escorts in Clapham or escorts in any other London boroughs so you’re guaranteed to be the best client she’s ever seen. London Escorts are qualified, discreet and super sexy but still they deserve only what’s fair; to be treated with respect and have a clean client. You would want her to be clean and professional as well as being able to satisfy your desires, so it’s only right that you show her the same courtesy!

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