Faqs at London Escorts 4u

Faqs at London Escorts 4u

FAQs at London Escorts 4u
Q. How long an appointment can I make? Does it have to be more than 1 Hour?
A. One hour is a frequent choice, clients with more time on their hand will enjoy longer bookings and businessmen often take advantage of the 30 minute Businessmen’s Special.
Q. What is the etiquette when I first meet my escort?
A. Always welcome your escort sweetly as she will do to you, never allow her to have to ask for her fee as this can be awkward, a gentlemen always gives her the correct amount discreetly into her hand.
Q. When I am booking an escort can I ask for a cheaper rate or haggle with the escort when she arrives?
A. Please do not ask either the receptionist or the escort herself for a reduction in price. It is disrespectful to the young lady and we firmly believe that all of our escort rates are very competitive.
Q. As an escort can I refuse to see someone I feel I may not like.
A. Whilst we hope that we vet our clients for suitability to the escort they may have chosen, we hope that both parties will find each other a pleasure to be with. The client will not gain satisfaction from being with an escort who does not wish to enjoy his company.
Q. Is escorting all about sex?
A. Elite escorts are lucky enough to enjoy varied social lives with their clients. It is always a transaction between the two parties for time and companionship only, any actions that may take place beyond this level of interaction is at the spontaneous wish of the two adults concerned.

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